The stuff that I love doing…


I’ve been a blogger since 2003. I started my first blog during high school and I just kept doing it. In 2013 I was paid for my writing for the first time. You can see my blogs below, although they at the moment definitely aren’t an exhaustive collection of all my writings (I’ve deleted my older blogs).


In October 2015, I started making video blogs talking about the stuff that I usually wrote about. That was quite a change and I’m really enjoying it. Video makes it easier for me to connect with you in a way that’s more personal. Check out my YouTube channel below.
2015年の10月に、これまでは文章で書いてきたようなことを動画で話すようになりました。大きな変化ですが、今のところ楽しくやっています。動画のほうが文章よりも皆さんと人として繋がれているような感覚になります。以下から YouTube をご覧ください。

Taking photos

A complete noob in this department. But I do love taking photography. Especially of people. Though, I have yet to start any serious project that’s going to take any form. Nonetheless, if you’re interested in my prospective photographic journey/exploration, follow me on Tumblr and Instagram 🙂
この分野は完全に素人ですが、写真を撮ることも好きです。特に人物。でも何か形になるようなプロジェクトはまだ始めていません。今後どんな写真を私が撮ることになるか興味を持ってくれたら、以下から Tumblr や Instagram でフォローお願いします。

Making music

When I started taking piano lessons at the age of 10, I immediately fell in love with creating my own music instead of playing someone else’s music. I am a big fan of 60s & 70s Japanese pop music, most of which to the ears of many probably sound too obsolete and musically cliché but somehow have a huge spot in my heart. I have some of my songs uploaded on the following YouTube channel so check them out!
10歳でピアノを習いはじめてすぐ、誰かが作った曲ではなく自分で曲を作ることが好きになりました。特に日本の60〜70年代の歌謡曲が好きです。ほとんどの人にとってこのジャンルは古臭く、音楽的にもクリシェ(常套)的と感じられると思いますが、私にとっては常に心の中にあるような大事な音楽ジャンルです。自分で作った曲は以下の YouTube にアップしているので、よかったら聴いてみてください。

And being online in general

Yeah just like all the fellow millennials in developed countries (my Anthropology professor in college would call them “overexploiting countries”), it’s safe to say that I am addicted to the Internet. I grew up with it. I take it for granted. I go online every day.