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- Co-manager at Dining Bar FAT CATS, Gunma, Japan.
- A freelance HR subcontractor
- Co-founder & co-organizer, HinQ (lit.trans. queers for ending poverty)
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Compilation of Negative Responses to Akie Abe’s Participation in Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014

The Tokyo Rainbow Pride, which I talked about last year on this blog, marked its 3rd anniversary on April 27, 2014. Its commercialization and increasingly neoliberal, militarist, and conservative crystallization of LGBT politics have become almost intolerably, grotesquely obvious. I could go on and on about sponsorships and participation of embassies and corporations at the Pride, but today I am so devastated by the participation of Prime Minister Abe’s wife, Ms. Akie Abe at the Pride, that I am almost in a shock state.