News: “Same-sex partner code proposition: Shibuya ward’s “human rights” double-standard?”

Translated by Masaki C. Same-sex partner code proposition: Shibuya ward’s “human rights” double-standard? Different stances on sexual & gender minority and the homeless In March, the Shibuya ward council will submit the bill that if passed would allow the local government to issue partnership certificates to same-sex couples who would then be recognized as having…

New blog design, belated new-year resolutions

Applying a new design to my blog(s) has become quite a habit of mine, especially when I’m procrastinating or just trying to escape the world and people around me. It lets me focus on something, leaving no room in my psyche for external disruptions and everyday shit. I feel somehow digitally connected to the computer,…

Queer Vlog #002 – What Does It Mean To Act Like A Woman

Vlog #001 Queer in Japan Critiques the Institution of Marriage


New Tumblr Project: Rad-queers Speaking English For You

The project is intended to be a repository of blog entries, scholarly papers, news articles, videos, music, poetry, etc. etc. available in English but created by (mostly radical) queers from non-English speaking regions, to provide a collection of rad-queer voices in non-Western, non-English speaking worlds that are often overlooked by English-language LGBT journalism.