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Read before you write about LGBT politics in Japan

No to Occupation, No to Osprey

Although this isn’t intended to be an exhaustive summary of history of LGBT politics in Japan, which I cannot possibly provide given my limited knowledge, I just couldn’t take anymore the shittiness of the news articles written about LGBT politics in Japan.

The most (stereo)typical, all-too-common article written in English never fails to make the followings clear:

  • Japan lags behind the West. There’s nothing legal about gay partnerships, and people there are afraid to come out.
  • But things are changing. And such changes are welcomed with enthusiasm by all LGBTs in Japan.


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Did It Get Better?(日本語字幕) – 6 years since #ItGetsBetter


It’s been 6 years since the It Gets Better project was launched. But did it get better? Did it, really? In this video, I talk about some of the ways in which things have actually gotten worse for some LGBT and queer people.

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Interview: Filmmaker Graham Kolbeins (“Queer Japan”)


Queer Filmmaker Graham Kolbeins talks about interviewing queer people, funding for queer documentary filmmakers, creative freedom vs focus, the Western gaze, the male gaze, the issue of representation of minorities, and his upcoming project Queer Japan.

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What we should learn from the history of the International Women’s Day #ownyourvoice


In this video I talk about International Women’s Day, which often is misinterpreted as the day to celebrate successful women but in fact is the day to demand equality and respect for working-class women.

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Is Homosexuality A Sexual Preference or An Orientation?

Was Homosexuality Discovered or Invented?

In this video, I respond to one particular tweet by a homophobe who argues that homosexuality is a personal preference, not by arguing that it’s a sexual orientation but by pointing out that either way, haters use it to their convenience.

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Antonym of LGBT


In this video I talk about common misunderstandings about gender identity and sexual orientation, and question the validity of the LGBT acronym as THE framework for understanding human gender and sexual diversity.

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ESL and Elitism

日本人の9割に英語はいらない…でもその1割って誰のこと? ESL and Elitism

In this video I talk about how English as a Second Language is often considered a skill only elites need to acquire.

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Intent vs Impact: How Discrimination Operates Without Your Consent

Intent vs Impact

Today’s topic is intent versus impact, and how discrimination operates without you intending to perpetuate or reinforce it. I hope you like it, and if you do, please subscribe to my channel!

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You Know You Are LGBT When…


I made a 3-video mini vlog series on assumptions and questions LGBT people face, based off of the blog post that I wrote 2 years ago (only in Japanese). The post was quite well received, so I figured it was worth making a video about.

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New stuff on YouTube

スクリーンショット 2015-11-13 7.07.11

Hello, people! I’ve been totally neglecting this blog for almost a year. And it wasn’t until today that I realized quite a few people are signed up for email subscription for this blog. So if you’re one of them, I apologize. And thank you.

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News: “Same-sex partner code proposition: Shibuya ward’s “human rights” double-standard?”


Translated by Masaki C. Same-sex partner code proposition: Shibuya ward’s “human rights” double-standard? Different stances on sexual & gender minority and the homeless In March, the Shibuya ward council will submit the bill that if passed would allow the local government to issue partnership certificates to same-sex couples who would then be recognized as having […]

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