About Masaki C Matsumoto

A queer, feminist, and social movement critic in Japan


I was born in Ashikaga in 1985 and raised in Sano until I moved to Auckland at the age of 17, then to Ojai (2004) and Pleasant Hill (2005). After spending 3 years in Tatebayashi and Koganei, I lived in Woodlawn while doing a graduate study in sociology of gender and sexuality at the University of Chicago. Now I live in Tatebayashi, working as a queer, feminist, and social movement critic/writer/speaker/translator while also being the co-owner/co-manager of FAT CATS Bar & Grill as well as an H.R. manager for a local company.

I am…

A critic – I write & speak about LGBTQ, feminist, and other social justice issues. I’m occasionally invited to speak at universities and workshops, too.

My writings in Japanese have appeared in Gendai Shisou [Contemporary Philosophy], Synodos, Wezzy, Wotopi, and Jinken to Seikatsu [Human Rights & Life].

For English, go to Medium, archived posts, my interview at Anime Feminist, and Navin Thompton’s profile about me.

A photographer – I’m trying to figure out what queer photography can be without depicting male skin, lesbian intimacy or half-queenface makeup. Follow me on Tumblr and Instagram.

A vlogger – On my YouTube channel, I make videos in English and Japanese about heteropatriarchy & other social injustices.


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