Business Inquiry

What I can do

  • Write an article or a series of articles for web, magazine, newspapers, etc.
  • Speak at an event, big or small, regardless of the hosting entity (e.g. non-profit, educational institutions, government, student clubs, etc.)
  • Be interviewed face-to-face, via Skype, or through email.
  • Contribute to your project in other ways e.g. discussion, MCing, radio/TV/film appearance, etc.
  • Translate Japanese text into English.


  • LGBT, LGBTQ, queer politics, sexuality, identity, same-sex marriage
  • Sexual violence, same-sex sexual assault, survivorship
  • Study abroad, English as a second language, bilingualism, LGBT politics in Japan
  • Life in Gunma Prefecture, being a bar owner
  • Queer poverty
  • Intersectionality

What I can’t do

  • Translating English text into Japanese.
  • J-E or E-J interpreting.
  • Teaching ESL in person, via Skype, or through email.
  • Anything if I don’t see enough passion coming from you, or if I detect any malicious intent in your project.
  • Anything if I find out that you do not have sufficient knowledge about the topic in question nor do you intend to learn.

Fileds/Topics I won’t talk about

  • LGBT “scene” or “culture” in a particular geographical area e.g. Japan, Asia, Gunma, etc.
  • Any “lived experiences” of a queer person except mine.


  • I live in Gunma. No, it’s not part of Tokyo. Appropriate transportation reimbursement is required.

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Non-business personal messages may not be replied.