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New Group in Kanto, Japan: HinQ (Queers United to End Poverty, tentative name)

With the help of the people that responded to my invitation over Twitter, I have finalized the plan for the launch event for HinQ (Queers United to End Poverty), a local queer group in Northern Kanto, Japan. See below for details and join us on April 21!

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Stop the Arrests! PERMANENTLY!

At SWAAY I found out about this new campaign calling for a moratorium on arrests etc. of sex workers until the end of the Olympics.

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UChicago Safety Issues and Student Privilege

Updated May 25, 2011 The Saferide Program at the University of Chicago provides free transportation for its students, employees, faculty members and other affiliated individuals from 5 p.m. through approximately 3 a.m. To take Saferide, one has to either call

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So the passage of Proposition 8 (which I do not think needs any explanation since many people are talking about it, even here in Japan, which makes me feel that a disproportionate amount of attention is being paid to one

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