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Q&A video: Is Homophobia Wrong?

I updated my YouTube channel with the short video I had previously uploaded to Twitter (my 2nd Japanese account). It’s a Q&A video where I answer this question I’ve received from a few customers at my bar, “I can’t help feeling grossed out by the idea of homosexuality. Is that a wrong thing?” Make sure to turn on English subtitles. Read more →

8 Japan LGBT/Q resources in English

This video is about 3 years old but for some reason I didn’t post it here on my blog. It’s on my English channel, which I’m rejuvenating (finally). So make sure to subscribe to this channel even if you’re already subscribed to my Japanese channel! Read more →

Sexist Anime Is Japanese Culture?

How do we talk about sexism, heterosexism, and ciscentrism in anime/manga when it’s part of “their culture”? Can we criticize misogynous, homophobic and transphobic anime/manga without being ethnocentric and arrogant? What’s the best way to address them? Or should we all shut our mouths and let them be? Would that make us anti-feminist and anti-queer? Read more →