Original song “High Heels 6.5″ Second Version (Japanese)


Thousands of words, millions of words
But they will never be enough
But I don’t care, this is what I am
Oh I don’t need my “true” self
Lots of make-up that obscures my eyes
Of course, Lashes are fake, oh fake
Pink and purple, you think I’m crazy
Yeah, my nails may be too fabulous

Don’t I look beautiful? Hey, say something that I don’t know
Just to let you know, but you don’t count

The only thing that came with this male body of mine
is shameless male privileges
Men will listen to me but they won’t listen to the girls at work
That’s surely not what I wanted for being a man
And now, in a fabulous dress like this
Everyone seems to hate me so I’m the only one that loves me and helps me out

Kids at school were the evil mind
that is destined to go to Hell
But you know why? Heaven’s already
booked for the queer, It’s full-house
We’ll join, and we will pray in heaven
just to celebrate ourselves
But we don’t pray to God, Jesus, or Buddha but Judy Garland

Hey, if you want you may cross to the other side and join us
You will never be the same

The only thing that came with this male body of mine
is shameless male privileges
I used to walk down the street at night and feel not scared at all
The all sexist bullshit must go and disappear
Misogyny kills but equality saves
We all know that the whole gender thing
is just a fake and we’re not afraid of changes

Don’t forget to tell all my fellow queer friends
if I die or no longer can rise up
that death awaits us all but it always
comes too early so keep alive
That’s how we survive and resist the stupid world
We will live and stand in their way
Here I am, it’s YOU that’s in my way
Yield, or you will see some blood, so just fuck off