Tokyo Pride Parade 2010

Here are the photos of the messages on my boards I carried around at the parade.

“Not Everyone Can Walk This Long”


“Safety and Rights to Sex Workers”


“WANTED: Not Gay Marriage But Safe Society For Everyone”


One of the floats, and the only women-themed one at the parade this year, was created in the name of “celebration of marriage” (they actually used the French pronunciation for “marriage,” i.e. “mar-riah-je”). Not a few friends of mine got enraged and organized (link to their blog in Japanese) a small group of people to walk in the float with placards with anti-marriage (not anti-gay marriage) messages and make their voices heard not only by the bystanders on the sides of the street but also by the people marching with us.

Their messages included:

  • Marriage = Discrimination!
  • We Don’t Need Recognition by Marriage!
  • Marriage Leads to Poverty!
  • Lesbians Can Be Single Women!
  • Equal Social Security for Sexual/Gender Minorities!
  • Abolish Romance!
  • We Claim The Night Back!

I also loved the attire they chose to wear. The sounds they made, words they spoke, the way they walked, the giant puppets they carried around, etc. etc. They were so awesome and powerful that the entire group almost looked like they were practicing some kind of ritual to cast a curse on somebody. I certainly believe that their performance was the highlight of this year’s parade.

Here’s the video:

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