Crawling on the Rainbow Band

A poetry.

Sometimes I suppress my urge
to cut the rainbow band on my wrist
just so carefully, along those lines
where colors meet, where we meet

Sometimes I caress my nails
hoping someday they’ll shine like pearls
’cause they’re the only body part I love
where colors meet, where we meet

But we never meet
we never see each other
we look away
from all the shit that’s better off

We don’t have much in common anyway
do we
We don’t mean that well when we say we care
do we
We don’t all dance, we don’t all dress
we don’t all eat, we don’t all sleep
now, do we

You’re the color red
and I’m the color green
you’re always the first color
and there’s more colors down below me
but on the wrist, we face other ways
red and green, we face other ways

Sometimes I look at myself
and think of my other fellows
who don’t look like you, talk like you
but talk like me, and live like me

Sometimes I want to forget
so I can hold myself together
just so carefully, like holding a bubble
where colors meet, where we could meet

Masaki C. Matsumoto
A queer writer and YouTuber. UChicago MA dropout. My preferred pronouns are they/them. Read more

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