1. Nebula
    May 19, 2013

    This was really upsetting to read, Masaki! I really appreciate you bringing your voice to the conversation. <3 Nebula

    • u9j39TYb
      Masaki C.
      May 19, 2013

      Thanks, Nebula! <3

  2. I don’t know about you, but most of the people I know are in the closet (Like more than 90% of them), and have no intentions to come out of it.

    The only people who are out of the closet are people who are politically or socially active, which negates the great majority of LGBT people in japan.

    Not to mention all the millions of people who live a double life. All the “hatenba-goers” with wife and kids.
    And also not to mention that most people in japan, including LGBT people, have a sub-standard understanding about sexual orientation.

    I’ve been shocked by how many times my LGBT friends have made comments like, “I used to be hetero” or, “I was turn into homosexuality because of X” or almost every time I brought any subject about gay rights they become apologists for the side against them saying “Well, we are the abnormal ones”.

    Also, I happen to be part of a sub-culture that is mainly gay, but still has around 30% of straight people, who are extremely homophobic because they dislike being associated with gay people for being part of this sub-culture. They constantly vocalize their homophobic opinions, and the response of the majority is to kind of agree with them, and bend over, EVEN WHEN THEY ARE THE MAJORITY.

    The truth is, LGBT people in Japan have a really big problem of self-hearted and internalized homophobia.
    And I agree, people from outside Japan have no idea how things work here, and many times their articles have enormous problems and just lack of research.
    But still, I would prefer for them to continue to talk about Japan, and pressure in any way possible the Japanese society to grow up from their foreign brought Meiji-era homophobia.

    And It is not a myth, Japan, or at least the most vocal political people, are conservatives, or conservative leaning. That’s one of the reasons Jiminto has lost only ONCE since WW2.

    And also, the word “Gei-lib” that refers to gay right activists is a dirty and taboo word, for even most of the LGBT community.

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