New Group in Kanto, Japan: HinQ (Queers United to End Poverty, tentative name)

With the help of the people that responded to my invitation over Twitter, I have finalized the plan for the launch event for HinQ (Queers United to End Poverty), a local queer group in Northern Kanto, Japan. See below for details and join us on April 21!

We’re having the HinQ Kick-off Event / 1st Meeting in Kenshuu-shitsu #1 (study room #1) at Kuki Soogoo Bunka Kaikan (Kuki-shi Cultural Center) on April 21, 2013 starting at 1:30PM through 4:30PM.
It’s going to be a roundtable discussion on what the intersection of poverty and queerness might be, what we as a group can do about it, what we want to do about it, what philosophies HinQ should embrace, what exactly we should call this group other than the provisional “HinQ,” etc.

HinQ is a local, North Kanto-based queer group against the social structures that drive certain people into poverty, but everyone who wants to do something about poverty, is looking for people to connect and think about poverty with, and recognizes the need to discuss queer AND poverty issues as an intersection, is WELCOME to join us!
If you’re poor, join us. If you’re not poor, still join us. If you’re queer, just join us already. If you’re not queer, take this opportunity and join us. If you’re somewhat on the solider side and identifying as L/G/B/T/etc. yet not queer, you don’t have to call yourself queer to join us!
We’ve also created a Facebook Event. Your clicking ‘Join’ on the page really makes the organizers happy!
-The primary language to be used is Japanese, and there will be no translator for any other language users, but some English speakers are attending which means if you have trouble articulating your thoughts in Japanese or if you forget one particular Japanese word, they may be able to help you a bit.
-If you are coming to the venue in a wheelchair, please kindly let us know at beforehand so we can notify the center and they can arrange routes and stuff.
-Accessible, gender-neutral restroom is located on the same floor as the room we use.
Contact: [AT]
Contact (on the day of event): c.masak.i-029 [AT] (Masaki)

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