Your comments may be deleted without explanation. There’s nothing you can do about it. I respect the entirety of each comment, so if it’s deleted, it’s deleted entirely. If it’s still there, it’s there entirely. No editing.

I don’t delete trackbacks, though. So if you feel like you wanna respond to me and don’t wanna take the risk, I recommend you write your response on your blog.

Also, I won’t delete or edit your comment if it contains nothing but a link to your response posted on a non-trackback-capable platform such as a public Facebook post. So that’s an option, too.

Please do know that your responses, no matter where they are posted, may be quoted (and refuted, in most cases) in my future posts, as long as they are publicly accessible (doesn’t matter how hard it is for most people to find it). If you don’t want to be quoted, you should not make a public response.

I also welcome direct email responses. Use the contact form in Contact to contact me directly.

To give you an idea as to what kinds of comments I will most likely delete (and/or quote and make fun of in future posts), here’s a list of things I don’t want in my comments section.

  • A one-sentence response that is not nice to me (e.g. “You’re a jerk.”)
  • A response containing words/phrases/meanings/implications/assumptions that are transphobic, misogynistic, homophobic, poorphobic, or whorephobic
  • A personal attack that has nothing to do with social justice
  • A spam
  • A comment with details about the commenter’s personal life
  • A comment that has little to do with the original post it’s been commented on.

In addition, just so you know, I loathe Twitter so much that I have a saved Twitter search for my blog URL so I can find all stupid comments people make on Twitter about my writings. Well, at least when I have time to do so. So be careful with what you say or you may be quoted and made fun of.

All in all, I welcome any comment that is productive and can be a great addition to the original post. I am not perfect, so any feedback that fills the holes in my arguments will be appreciated.

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