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Hi there! My name is Masaki and I’m a Japan-based queer writer, vlogger, and illustrator who creates stuff mostly about heteropatriarchy. My preferred gender pronouns are he, him, they, and them.

I studied sociology of gender and sexuality in college (International Christian University, Tokyo) and graduate school (the University of Chicago), researching mostly straight women’s fight against sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia.

After spending my late teen years and early 20’s in New Zealand and the U.S., I am now back in Kitakanto (area north of Tokyo) where I’m originally from, working as the co-owner and co-manager at FAT CATS, a minority-friendly, discrimination-free dining space that my mother and I started in 2014.

I’ve also been freelancing since 2015 as a writer and speaker on various topics pertaining to gender and sexuality. Publishers include Seidosha, wezzy, wotopi, and Human Rights Association for Korean Residents in Japan. Hosts include universities, queer activist groups, professional associations, and ethnic minority groups. If you’re considering to invite me to speak at your event or in class, here’s a sample lecture and video. Also, I occasionally write in English on Medium.

I’ve been featured in a Graham Kolbeins film QUEER JAPAN, a Global Voices profile by Navin Thompson (in English, Malagasy, Spanish, and Greek), and an Anime Feminist interview (Esperanto translation is here).

I started vlogging in 2015 and drawing illustrations in 2017 to explore non-text formats for expressing myself. My illustrations appeared in mika’s Magical Time-Traveling Dog Therapy: a canine-assisted therapeutic modality for treating complex trauma without tearing time-space continuum (2018).

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*I can take photography, shoot and edit video, and draw illustrations, depending on your project.
*I don’t do translation or language exchange, nor am I going to be your “native informant” unless you pay well.

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